Super Bowl Apologist

I missed the big game yesterday. The Testosterone Police will be coming to take me away soon, and I have tried to prepare my defense when the questioning starts, but I know it will eventually break down under their use of force. Here goes, anyway…

1. I was sawing up lumber

I will not divulge to them that it is for a raised bed to go in the shaded part of the back yard, where we will grow our greens starting in a month. I could offer up that I showed my son how we used to take the 20 foot 2 by 12’s off the green chain at the mill…that may keep me out of jail.

2. I have beer in my home, plus a large tv

What more could be said.

3. I helped to coach youth football for the past two years

Never mind that our team did not win too many games. The kids were awesome, the head coach positive, and the kids learned a lot and had fun (may have to strike the last statement from the record).

When pressured further, I will break and offer up the reasons I did not watch the game. It would have beeen nice to, but there were more important things that had to get done yesterday…

1. We went to see a string quartet, here in The Dalles, Oregon.

My son plays violin, and I knew that it would be a great thing for him to see 4 young people who were totally awesome at their craft. They were, and it was.

2. I was reading a really good book

Starship Troopers, by Heinlein, to be exact.

3. I walked my two Beagles

Yes, they are the two cutest, and most reviled creatures, to walk the earth, ever. One (Buster) is like a robot with the processing chip that has a virus, the other (Molly) is so cold and calculating that she purposefully sets up the first to look guilty, when she has actually committed the crime (usually involving dragging some poor box of food out of the cupboard and into the basement).

What does this have to do with school reform? I do not want to suggest that watching the Super Bowl is for dummies (I have watched many) but there have been years when there are more important things going on, and I am not inclined to sacrifice them for the instant gratification of watching a football game. Kind of like not worrying too much about state tests when you are trying to maintain relationships with students…..


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